Sustainable Development

Creature comforts on our cargo flights

The demand for live animal shipments is ever increasing, and Cathay Pacific Cargo maintain that their comfort and welfare is considered first. In 2021, we received IATA’s CEIV Live Animals certification, demonstrating our commitment to quality and continuous improvement to animal shipments.

As each animal has distinct characteristics and considerations, it is critical that their needs are handled in totally different ways. We have created a checklist for shippers to get as much information about the animals as possible before a booking, and to ensure that we meet the guidelines of the IATA Live Animal Regulations – plus the airline’s own guidelines, as well as the national laws at origin and destination, which vary in their stringency across the globe.

But the overall aim is to maximise the safety and comfort of our animal passengers. Live animals are last to board and first off, kept at the requested temperature and we have even factored animals on board into sim training for pilots.