Sustainable Development

Strong communities make for more prosperous and healthy societies. Around the globe, communities face varied and complex challenges that require collaborative responses. Whether they are the challenges faced by young people or challenges to the environment, there is a role for companies such as ours to play in effecting positive change.

Recognising that no single party or entity can solve complex problems alone, our Community Engagement Strategy is based on the concept of shared value creation. We work with different partners across different sectors, and leverage our role as an airline company to connect people and places, and our business and NGO partners to bring about long-lasting benefits.

To make greater impact with our community engagement effort, we focus our work under four pillars developed with direction from our stakeholders, including our people and the community we serve:

Our strategy is aimed at caring for and support global causes, but with special focus on Hong Kong. It involves looking for new elements to include while sustaining and evolving our other long-standing community engagement programmes, including I Can Fly and Change For Good.


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